NEWEST SKILL | Crab picking Maryland blue crabs

quarterdeck_crabsMy boyfriend is from Maryland. Being a true Florida girl, having a boyfriend dress in plaid and a winter pea coat threw me off a bit. But slowly I got used to the wardrobe differences (no board shorts and flip flops was a tough transition). What I wasn’t prepared for were the additional things that come along with a Maryland boy… like the love of crab picking.

I love seafood, don’t get me wrong, but I grew up with my dad doing the dirty work. I would sit there pulling off the “sweet little girl” act with my hands stretched out in front of me, waiting for my dad to peel the shrimp, shuck the oyster, and yes… pick the crab.

So when my boyfriend said “I want you to meet my family” for the first time, I had so many questions and concerns. Would they like me? What should I wear? What gift do I bring? The question I forgot to ask was “will we be crab picking?”. Little did I know, his family had pounds and pounds of crabs waiting for us. So, I did what any person does to learn a new skill, I watched youtube videos.

The night before the “big day” I spent a hour watching clips on how to “properly” pick a crab. I went to bed feeling confident. The people on the computer picked, cracked, and devoured them with ease… I could definitely do it!

The day had arrived… outfit: check; present: check, crab: in my hair…

The second crack in and I had managed to fling a pesky piece of crab into my bangs… then cut my finger, filling the open wound with some nice and spicy Old Bay. Clearly the videos didn’t help me too much, but I got everyone laughing! I cracked a few jokes (pun intended) and had someone help get the crab out of my hair. After that it was smooth sailing.

I may not be a pro yet, but I am getting better. The other evening my boyfriend and I went to Quarterdeck in Arlington for crabs and beer (I think the beer greatly improved my cracking skills) and this time I didn’t get any in my hair!

Crabs: 1, Amanda: 1

Until next time crabs….

Happy picking :)

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