BEST BRUNCH | Le Pain Quotidien in DC

LPQ Avocado and Tomato Omelette
There are hundreds of brunch places in DC. Some great, others horrid. Everywhere from a 5 minute wait, to 2 hours. When I wake up hungry on a weekend morning and am looking for something healthy, filling, and easy, I head to Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ).

Le Pain Quotidien

The boyfriend and I bundled up in our winter wear this weekend and wandered to one in DC for a morning feast.

I am obsessed with this place for two reasons…

1) Their strong, freshly brewed coffee – Each person gets their own little pot of coffee to pour into a mini bowl. Perfect for taking large sips and warming you hands during the chilly months of winter.

LPQ coffee

LPQ coffee cream

LPQ sip coffee

2) The avocado & tomato omelette – I’ve never been a big omelette fan, but for some reason, I am obsessed with this one! The eggs are so fluffy and cooked to perfection. You are given a side salad (very European) and delicious homemade bread. Slather on their jams and chocolate spread and you will feel as if you have died and gone to heaven.

LPQ AvocadoTomato bite

The boyfriend had the oatmeal and the chicken and chorizo, organic cheddar omelette. Although he said the coffee was a bit strong for his liking (amateur), he scarfed down the both meals with a satisfied grin.

LPQ oatmeal

LPQ Chicken Chorizo Organic Cheddar Omelette

As the weather gets colder and you are looking for a delicious brunch that doesn’t require a reservation, run (don’t walk) to LPQ.

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