The other morning the boyfriend made me a cup of coffee. Grinning ear to ear, he handed me the cup and asked me to try a sip. I love him, but he isn’t the most advanced coffee maker… so I took a fearful slurp. It tasted like a regular cup of coffee (thank God!). Still smiling he asked, “Do you taste something different? Can you tell what I added to it?” Instantly my mind ran wild, what the heck has he put in it??

coconut oil health benefits

Coconut oil! Now the boyfriend may not be the best at making a morning cup of coffee, but he is a pro when it comes knowing how to stay healthy.

As I sat there, still cautiously sipping my coffee, he began to rattle off the health benefits of coconut oil…

1) Strengthens your immune system – it’s flu season, you know

2) Boosts energy and endurance – gives your day/ workout an extra kickstart

3) Aids digestion – no one likes tummy problems

4) Helps with weight loss – bye bye belly fat!

5) Helps control blood sugar – very important if you have diabetes, or if it runs in your family (thanks dad)

6) Helps your body absorb calcium – your teeth and bones will thank you

The list goes on and on…. coconut oil helps your liver, kidneys, heart, skin, hair… literally everything. The ways the oil does this is too advanced for me to explain (I was an economics major, not biology major), but look it up!

Since that morning, coconut oil has gone in and on almost every dish we make. Every morning we add a teaspoon into our coffee, we cook chicken with it, we smear it on english muffins, the list goes on and on. I haven’t tried it on my hair yet, but have smeared a bit on some dry skin and it felt like a baby’s butt instantly!

Head to the grocery store and try some organic coconut oil, your body will thank you.

P.S. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like coconuts (that was my initial fear).

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